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A Move towards Capability Building and Creative Economy

Innovation Strategy – Culture – Growth

Innovation is perennially at the top of everybody’ agendas, yet many Organizations, (Corporates, Engg & Technology institutions | universities, industrial houses) stakeholders (executives, employees, students, faculty members  etc..) continue to experiment and evolve with their own innovation methodology, framework, approach and eco system with different degree of maturity and outcomes as  a part of their Innovation programs.

When working on various transformation initiatives, innovation programs they face enormous challenges in the organization from idea creation to PoC, to get the funding for the project, IP Creation and Commercialization.

Fostering Innovation

The Problem is fostering innovation @ Organization requires different culture and methodical approach. Organizational change inertia, legacy business and operating models, lack of leadership support, budgeting and funding issues can easily stall innovation and growth.
Our Experience of working with global customers, thought leaders cut across different industry verticals in the past as a supplier, as a customer and as a consultant to put together an offerings on Innovation Service Spectra from Energica.


Energica’ structured approach of deriving an innovation strategy, framework, process, tools and metrics across the innovation value chain from Idea creation to Commercialization helping the customers to build | enhance the capability and fostering innovation eco system from current level to next level of transformation to a strategic advantage.
At Energica we can help you to establish and drive an transformation initiative using our edx21c Innova Platform with our consultative advisory and collaborative partners.

Creating a Culture of Innovation

We work with customers to build & enhance capabilities and create innovation systems (methodology, process, tools, ecosystem and innovation culture)
  • Determining the gap between growth goals and current operations
  • Creating distinct core and new-growth innovation efforts
  • Identifying priority areas to explore that align with what customers need and you can deliver
  • Creating a small, dedicated innovation team and embedding with the team on its first set of projects
  • Ensuring the right mechanisms and leadership are in place to accelerate good ideas
  • Build a structured process to translate Customer – market insight into high-impact ideas
  • Conceive and design new customer solutions, products, business models
  • Optimize innovation portfolios and prioritize opportunities
  • Prototype and pilot new ventures, with an emphasis on “testing the waters or put their hands dirt” to learn and see the perceived risks and to manage the risks with a continual approach

Empowering Innovation:

Our approach to accelerating innovation integrates deep experience working with multinationals, our own investments in start-up companies, and academically grounded principles.

Succeeding in the Creative Economy

Our delivery model includes a range of support, including in-market research, analysis, solutions design, planning development, immersive workshops and intensive boot camps.

Energica’ Industry-Academia Collaboration for Creative Economy

  • How Energica’ Innovation Solution Approach helps you to resolve the common challenges or issues?
  • What Methodologies, processes and tools will enable and enhance the Innovation Eco System within Engineering & Technology Institutes |Universities ?
  • What can we expect to get out working with a Partner like Energica ?
  • Blue Ocean within your Institution and Transformation Roadmap (initiatives)
  • Fostering the Innovation Culture within Engineering & Technology Institutes |Universities and a Move towards a Research Oriented Institute.

Creative Accelerators

edX21C Innova: New world. New skills

Our innovation service practice area offers the following to seed, develop, enhance, to help the customer by:
  • Innovation Capability Assessment (Organization)
  • Evaluating Innovation Maturity Assessment for Employees | Students | Stakeholders
  • Defining or Enhancing a culture of innovation with a strategic framework, a world-class skill-set, and committed leadership
  • Fostering Innovation Culture & Ecosystem within the organization

  • Consultative Advisory on creating IP Assets
  • Commercialization of IP Assets, Products & Solutions
  • Developing the next generation of innovation leaders
  • Building Innovation Strategy | Growth | CoLab | Startup Collaboration capability to define and launch new business growth (product development, services)
  • Establishing governance systems across the Enterprise Innovation Ecosystem to enable smart decision making across the innovation value chain.

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edX21C Innovation Services

Solution Components & Transformation Enablers

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Capability Assessment

Ideation & The Vault

Innovation Workshop

Innovation Strategy

IP Asset Creation


Startup Collaborations


Service Innovation

Industry 4.0

Circular Economy

Digital Life

Med Tech

Universal Healthcare

Social Innovation

Who We Serve

edX21C is a well-suited cloud based solution platform with Capability Assessment capabilities for

  • Engineering & Technology Institutes | Universities

  • Medical Colleges | Universities with Translational Research

  • Faculty Members & Students

  • CSR Organization focused on Empowering Education

  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation Assessment

  • Fostering Innovation

  • IPs & Asset Creation

  • Industrial Players and R&D houses on Industry Academia Partnership Programs

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Global Head, Supplier Governance & Transformation Advisory

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