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Global Risks & Solutions

The world is changing fast. Though essential, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep pace with changes arising as a result of global macroeconomic forces of development that impact business, society, culture and people that define our future.

While these forces entail a lot of risks, they also offer opportunities for innovation and for the betterment of everyone’s future. Some of these forces include worsening environment, scarcity of natural resources, rapid urbanisation with increasing migrant population, changing economic power and deteriorating human health.

Effective Governance >> Enhanced Risk management >>    New Business Opportunities

These risks offer an opportunity to find solutions around newer products, breakthrough technologies, policy changes and a change in mindset. This provide us an opportunity to focuses on some of these pressing issues together with innovative ways to address them.

Sustainability Reporting is an organization’s opportunity to project their sustainability vision, strategy, activities, performance and future goals to their stake-holders.

Why Sustainability Reporting is Important

Sustainability Reporting is an overview of a company’s economic, environmental and social impacts, caused by its everyday activities.

Sustainability Reporting  presenting the company’s commitment to a sustainable global economy  can help organizations measure, understand and communicate their economic, environmental, social and governance performance, and then set goals, and manage change more effectively.

Sustainability reporting can have four major benefits to any organization:

  • It is a useful risk management tool.
  • It can help generate savings.
  • It helps in better decision-making.
  • It helps in increasing stakeholder trust.

Climate Change & Environmental Sustainability Services

Energica offers Sustainability Reporting services using the following Reporting frameworks;

SustainR is a Platform based Governance Solution for your Environmental Sustainability Reporting Solution built on an innovative, function-rich, flexible design and its integrated set of components can be implemented for LEED Compliance & Certification and sustainability reporting standpoint.

  • LEED

  • GRI Reporting

Sustainability Reporting :

Valuing Natural Capital

  • Sustainability Reporting Provides you an opportunity to set the Sustainable goals/ clearly defined objectives (sustainable KPIs)

  • Track, monitor and report of sustainable KPIs on a real time aspects engaging the key stakeholders involved in sustainable reporting across the organization

  • Track against the targets (sustainable KPIs Target) (Actual VS Target)

  • To Support effective decision management

SustainR : Sustainability  Reporting 

Key Features :

  • Cloud based Digital Platform and Sustainable Governance & Reporting Solution

  • Industry Standard – Effective rich customized  Governance Framework , Processes & Procedures (Sustainability Reporting)

  • Effective Sustainability governance structure for managing various monitoring, tracking & reporting activities across state, city,  business units

  • Reduced Operational Costs and Ease of data management (data Entry, API and other automated  mechanisms)

  • Digital Transformation across sustainability governance arena (energy, water, transportation, waste etc..)

  • KPIs can be customized & added as per Customer | Regulatory needs.

  • Enhanced User Experience

  • Analytics and Dashboard Reports

Who We Serve

Sustain R is a well-suited cloud based solution platform with Sustainability Reporting capabilities (LEED, SDG & GRI) for

  • Customers

  • Sustainability Consultants (LEED, GRI Implementation Consultants)

  • Third Party Consultants in  Environment Sustainability & Corporate Governance Reporting advisory (ESR | CSR)

  • Climate Change & Sustainability Business Advisory space.


SustainR  Sustainability Reporting Platform

Functional Components & Key Features:

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Energy Intensity

Water Efficiency

Carbon Emissions

Material Management

Waste Management

Compliance & Regulation

Sustainability Reporting

LEED | GRI Reporting Framework

Analytics | Workflow | Document Management

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