edX21C Transformation

edX 21C Transify

Capability Transformation for Engineering & Technology Universities

Seizing the Future

Seizing the future sets out vividly the challenges ahead for engineering and technology education, not just in the US or UK but around the world and more specifically in India.

Just as we’ve seen the forces of technology, globalization, digital transformation, climate change, growing population, the competition and the risk of unemployment will transform the various sectors in greater degree in the past and these forces may now transform engineering & technology education radically.

A Move towards Capability Building and Knowledge Economy


At Energica we help Engineering and Technology Institutes | Universities to establish and drive an capability driven transformation initiative using our edX21C Platform with our consultative advisory and collaborative partners.

edX21C: Capability Driven Transformation

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Energica’ edX21C Transformation Road map

  • A Response Strategy for building 21st Century Workforce

  • Building Industry-Academia Partnerships (R&D, Innovation, FDP, Digital Skills)

  • Capability Driven Transformation Initiatives

Next Generation: Industry Academia Partnership Models


We offer our edX21C transformation advisory services exclusively for “Engineering & Technology Institutes | Universities“ .
Energica’s  Capability Driven Transformation Strategy leveraging our edX21C Capability Assessment platform & the underlying transformation enablers focused on building capabilities for the 21st Century workforce.


Industry Academia Partnership Programs (IAPP)

edX21C Transformation program(s) has been designed to offer a holistic set of initiatives and the underlying activities towards
  • improving the employability index of the students,
  • to help enhance research and innovation capacity
  • Improve engineering education within Engineering through building bilateral industry academia linkages
  • to meet the Future of Work – 21C Workplace Expectations
  • to work industry and government oriented consultancy projects and
  • to strengthen the strategic capability of respective engineering disciplines (curricula, R&D, technology transformation, faculty development, innovation, consulting, IPR, Inventions and Commercialization) through Industry Academia Partnership Programs (IAPP)

How we enable the transformation:

Sustaining & Succeeding in the Competition

  • How Energica’ Innovation Solution Approach helps you to resolve the common challenges or issues?
  • What Methodologies, processes and tools will enable and enhance the Innovation Eco System within Engineering & Technology Institutes |Universities ?
  • What can we expect to get out working with a Partner like Energica ?
  • Blue Ocean within your Instituion and Transformation Roadmap (initiatives)
  • Fostering the Innovation Culture within Engineering & Technology Institutes |Universities and a Move towards a Research Oriented Institute.

edX 21C Capability Transformation

Functional Components & Key Features:

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Capability Assessment – Institution

Capability Assessment – Faculty

Capability Assessment – Student

Candidate Profiling

Employability Index

Feed Back Loop & Action Plan

Digital Assessment (24 x 7)

Flexible Assessment Configurations

Analytics | Document Management

Who We Serve

edX21C is a well-suited cloud based solution platform with Capability Assessment capabilities for

  • Engineering & Technology Institutes | Universities

  • Faculty Members & Students

  • CSR Organization focused on Empowering Education

  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation Assessment

  • Fostering Innovation

  • IPs & Asset Creation

  • Industrial Players and R&D houses on Industry Academia Partnership Programs

Ramesh Somasundaram

Global Head, Supplier Governance & Transformation Advisory

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