Negotiation Intelligence

ACTIVAS G+ Digital Supplier Governance & Negotiation Platform

Contract Renewal > Revise > Re-engineer or Re-compete > Re Negotiate > Re Sourcing > Vendor Consolidation

Vendor Consolidation is “ not about just change in supplier”  /or/ Moving IT Services or products or processes from one supplier to other. It Requires a Strategic Focus.

Smart Deals – Smart Negotiations

During the course of your sourcing journey the buyer organizations may move opt for a strategic vendor consolidation or opt for Renewing Renew, Revise, Re-engineer or Re-compete, the exiting and upcoming new contracts,
Without having a proper strategic planning the negotiation may result in poor outcomes.
ACTIVAS G+ Negotiator Module allow both buyer and suppliers organization to have the methodical and disciplined negotiating process with the underlying contracts & data points (SLA, T&C, Performance Scores, Issue & Disputes, Contractual Obligations, Pricing Terms etc..) .

Digital Transformation: Negotiation Intelligence

Our Supplier Governance Solution ACTIVAS G+ and the seamless negotiation process sets out how to negotiate a smart deal, including setting your objectives, understanding your supplier’s position and using the right tactics during your strategic sourcing as well as vendor consolidation initiatives..

  • Setting objectives when negotiating with suppliers
  • Understand your supplier
  • Developing a negotiating strategy
  • Negotiating team
  • Conduct negotiations
  • Negotiating on SLAs, Services, pricing and T&C
  • Running checks on your supplier
  • Effective contract collation and digital contract management
  • Data Driven Negotiations for smart deals | supplier consolidation

ACTIVAS G+ : The Negotiator

Negotiate the right deal with suppliers

Energica’ ACTIVAS G+ Supplier Governance strategic platform enables Negotiation Intelligence for your smart deals.

The ability to negotiate vendor contracts effectively getting the right products and services at the right price and with the right terms is a crucial element for SVM | VMO | Procurement organizations.

Contract Negotiations Dashboard

Energica’ Negotiation Intelligence Module have the flexibility of bringing a unified view of negotiation plan

The Negotiator :  Negotiation Intelligence



Energica’ ACTIVAS G+  platform  enables you to take right decision point via Negotiation Intelligence module and dashboard to reach out optimal supplier preferences through smart negotiations.

ACTIVAS G+ Digital Supplier Negotiation Management Platform

Functional Components & Key Features:

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Negotiation Plan

Setting the Stage

Driving Points

Supplier Response

Conduct Negotiations

Supplier Evaluation

Negotiation Decision Points

Negotiation Intelligence | Scorecard

Analytics | Workflow | Document Management

Negotiation Dashboard : Digital Supplier Governance

Unlock the Strategic Value from your Supplier Relationships

ACTIVAS G+ a comprehensive sourcing governance solution to manage multi vendor relations, enable effective governance, align both internal organization and suppliers on track, provides proactive risk management, minimize value leakages, deliver business outcomes, capture value and build capabilities from vendor relationships.

What we do

Energica’s structured approach, address all the operational, relationship and governance issues efficiently across Contract & Sourcing Life-cycle. 

  • RFx Management
  • Vendor Evaluation
  • Contract Management
  • Supplier Governance
  • Vendor Consolidation
  • Negotiation
  • Contract Renewals
  • Contract Management (CLM)
  • Negotiation Intelligence

Who We Serve

The Negotiator is a well-suited cloud based solution platform with GRC and Contract Management (CLM) capabilities for

  • Buyer (Customer)

  • Supplier (Service Provider)

  • Third Party Consultants in IT Sourcing (SVM) | Procurement | Supplier Governance advisory

  • GCC Business Advisory space.

The increase in numbers of strategic vendors | suppliers | partners and the trend towards multiple smaller deals , new technologies around RPA and Cognitive Automation arena underline the need for efficient sourcing & supplier governance structures, appropriate contract clauses,  commercial and business outcomes.

Ramesh Somasundaram

Director & Head, Digital Cloud Solutions & Transformation Services

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