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AML Transaction Monitoring: Challenges faced by the Banks | FIs

  • Lack of a proper monitoring of critical data elements for data quality and completeness
  • Data Gaps in TM Alerts like duplicate alerts due to look back period , missing transactions, data quality issues, invalid mappings and gaps in scenario coverage
  • Lack of documentary evidence to rationalize scenarios and thresholds chosen
  • Scenario coverage and thresholds not being optimized since initial implementation
  • Inadequate TM investigation practices ; decision errors
  • Insufficient and inconsistent investigation documentation
  • Insufficiently trained investigation staff
  • Lack of regular testing and continual improvements
  • Lack of statistical analysis to justify thresholds settings

Enhance Your Risk Radar



Challenges related to effectiveness and efficiency of AML transaction monitoring approaches tend to be incorrectly considered exclusively in terms of false positives and false negatives produced by existing transaction monitoring approaches by the Banking and Financial Institutions.

Risk mitigation efforts should be structured and prioritized to address the multiple risks faced by institutions in relation to potential money laundering activity. These include the risk of regulatory penalties for missing suspicious activity or demonstrating inadequate controls, not limited to regulatory compliance but also to minimize the potential risks. (Reputation, Strategic, Operational Risks..)

Enhancing Operational Efficiencies

Financial Institutions are faced with increasing challenges towards curbing money laundering inspite of putting several critical measures to improve the Transaction Monitoring process,  Some of the key challenges  are :

Increased regulatory compliance measures to detect suspicious activities

Ever Increasing Volume of Transactions & Too Many ‘False Positive’ alerts

Significant effort and cost is incurred in Dispositioning the alerts

The Manual process is inherently inefficient, leading to

Errors in human judgment / Less Accurate Dispositions

Lack of Adequate Monitoring

Failure to catch suspicious transactions

Dependence on highly skilled staff

Significant Increase in Turn Around Time (TAT)

Increased AML Investigation cost

Data Silos & Technology Landscape across Bank

Non availability of Feed Back Loop process to the alert generation system for optimizing the scenarios

Our solution has been designed with a focus on AML transaction monitoring investigation processes, governance, and operating model  risk management best practices, operational effectiveness and realization of efficiencies.

AAIMS: Automated Alert Investigation Management System

Energica’ AAIMS solution is based on the confluence of cutting edge technologies and a wealth of knowledge accumulated on AML Alert Generation & Disposition functions over a period of time.

AAIMS focuses on Automated Alert Disposition and employs a methodical approach through sophisticated Rule & Decision Engines, aided by a powerful Online Search Engine and Analytics.  Our solution has been designed with the flexibility to customize regulations, scenarios, rules and red flags. As a result of implementing our AAIMS

  • AML Alert Investigation cost could be reduced to the extent of 60%

  • Turn Around Time (TAT) for alert closure could be reduced by 80%

  • Accuracy of detecting suspicious activity could be improved

Alert processing and investigative operations, managed to minimize time, effort spent by investigators on low-value manual activities on the alerts generated through streamlined processes and cognitive decision management solution components.

  • Energica’ AML Alert Investigation Services & Solutions offers an automated alert disposition management for Financial Institutions.

  • Rule-based research and resolution: Rules are applied to the Alert data to speedily research and create accurate investigation reports automatically.

  • Alert investigation by automatically collating and analyzing relevant data for investigation while leveraging historical data to determine trends and hidden relationships.

AAIMS  Automated Alert Investigation Management Platform

Functional Components & Key Features:


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Digitized Rule Engine

Cognitive Search Automation

Automated Alert Disposition

Alert Investigation Disposition Dashboard

Flexible Rule Configurator

Rule Change Management | RCB

Rule Traceability Matrix

Rule Review & Approval

Audit Logs

Regulatory Compliance

Robust Security

Role Based Authorization | SSO


Workflow & Document Management


Value Proposition

Energica’ AAIMS minimizes the operational, tactical and strategic risks and makes an automated decisions that increase the business value derived from AML TM Alerts,  while reducing the risk associated with the current delivery model.

  • Ability to process large data on the fly.
  • Better data visualization
  • Reduction in false positives
  • Ensure consistency of analysis to every alert
  • Reduce time to review alert by  50 %
  • Potential for significant time savings
  • Reduction in false negatives and more accurate SAR detection, from improved processes, analytics, and resource allocation
  • Expand Analytical Coverage (of Transactions)
AML Compliance & Risk Solution
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