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At Energica we recognize that Banks | Financial Institutions face complex, countless challenges and issues in eKYC, Transaction Monitoring and AML arena. We’re committed to helping our clients find new ideas to solve their most difficult challenges and create lasting value.

The content in this section aims to address many of the complexities that the client organizations (Banks | FIs) encounter, offering useful research and insights, perspectives with particular focus on ‘Tomorrow Today’. 

Our knowledge base of articles, Whitepapers, Research Report, Case Studies and Publications offers thought leadership and analysis across a spectrum of issues and challenges faced by businesses worldwide in AML.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

A Guide to Understand KYC

The objective of KYC is to prevent financial institutions from being used by criminals and terrorists for money laundering and terrorist financing. It also enables the FI to get a better understanding of the transactional profile which would go a long way in managing the risk prudently.



AML Systems & Solutions

Challenges of Implementing a Perfect AML System 

Money laundering is a serious threat to any country’s financial system. It involves converting money gained from illegal sources such as drug trafficking, terrorism, organized crime, murder or fraud into legal money.

Transaction Monitoring

Transaction Monitoring and its Importance 

Transaction monitoring is a vital component of the anti-money laundering (AML) procedures. All financial institutions both on sell-side and buy-side have some form of transaction monitoring in place to keep an eye out


Resilience against money laundering during uncertain times

The world has formally declared war on COVID-19, and this is probably one of the most challenging times of our generation. During the times of uncertainty or any economic shutdown, there would generally be a spike in the crime rate, especially financial crime.


Transaction Monitoring

Demystifying False Positives – Part 1


Complying with international sanctions is mandatory for all financial institutions (FIs) as they are the primary medium of money laundering and terrorist financing.



Transaction Monitoring

Demystifying False Positives – Part 2

False positives can’t be eradicated, but can be reduced to a certain extent by using advanced technological tools. A system is considered to be efficient if it can limit the occurrences of false positives without compromising on the false negatives

Service Innovation: Next Generation Services & Products

Service innovation plays an instrumental role in the transformation and upgrading of traditional IT services into more productive, competitive and high value-added business eco-systems. Service innovation comprises adaptive innovation in IT services, adding further value and contributing significantly to overall productivity and profitability.

Service Innovation Landscape

The following Thought Leadership articles | approach notes | infographics | reports were written by Energica team on key topics to assist the client in specific challenges or issues or problems.

Our Service innovation approach and outsider-in perspectives on specific issues or problems in AML, eKYC, Transaction Monitoring, Alert Investigation Management & Compliance, governance arena helps our clients to achieve the strategic objectives by developing, enhancing or refining or redefining their capabilities through the development  of  /or/ by leveraging Energica’ existing assets, frameworks, methodologies, solution accelerators, value delivery through adaptive innovation and continual improvements.

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Top 5 Trends in AML @2021


AML Technology Trends 2021


Digital Customer Onboarding




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