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Effective supplier on-boarding, supplier relationship management, managing, tracking and reporting the various RFx initiatives and related events are very vital to the strategic sourcing | procurement function to deliver expected outcomes.
However many buyer organizations are facing enormous amount of challenges of managing diversified information under one umbrella RFx tracker, supplier information, supplier responses etc…).


Additionally, RFP portfolio heads and subject-matter experts are now far better equipped to overcome the challenges that have plagued the industry for decades. While technology is making a significant difference in the way content is stored and discovered, an overhaul of the strategic function is also required for complete reform and transformation.
Strategic sourcing provides the single greatest opportunity to impact the cost, quality, and performance of the supply chain and is among the quickest paths to lower costs and improved revenues.

Procurement | Strategic Sourcing Transformation

Energica’ RFx module demonstrates how sourcing | procurement organizations can leverage next-gen negotiation intelligence module, RFx process and vendor evaluation, to drive insight-driven decision making.

RFx Process Optimization

Energica’ RFx Procure to manage, track and report all RFx related initiatives with a centralized repository with seamless workflow capabilities .

Today’s technology has introduced the possibility of streamlining the process and increasing overall effectiveness in responding to RFPs. Our RFx Procure solution provides a  cloud based centralized RFP workplans, supplier on-boarding, traversing thru the RFx workflow processes, opportunity to respond back on RFx by vendor responses, eliminates organizational data silos resulting an effective decision management on the Strategic Sourcing Value Chain.

Digital Platform

Seamless Collaboration with Internal and External Stakeholders

Energica RFx Procure solution provides a flexibility of working across the organization to:
  • Clearly define the RFP process and build logical workflows for their teams and content
  • Manage the timeliness and relevance of content in a central location for easy access
  • Flexibility of defining the specific RFx Objectives, goals, outcomes on individual RFPs
  • Track progress of the RFx events
  • Make your vendor onboarding process seamlessly
  • Evaluate your supplier response and score it
  • Track and Report the RFx effectiveness and efficiency, and adjust processes across all RFP functional areas to deliver the greatest value
  • Value Driven Strategic Sourcing


Energica’s structured approach, address all the operational, relationship and governance issues efficiently across Contract & Sourcing Life-cycle.
Energica offers services in the following arena (but not limited to):
  • RFx Management
  • Vendor Evaluation
  • Negotiation Intelligence
  • Contract Management
  • Supplier Risk Assessment
  • Supplier Governance
  • Budgeting
  • Spend Visibility Management
  • Back Office Procurement Support (VMO)

RFx Transformation

Transforming Procurement Performance with Data Driven Strategies

Energica’ RFx module demonstrates how sourcing | procurement organizations can leverage next-gen negotiation intelligence module, RFx process and vendor evaluation, to drive insight-driven decision making.
  • RFx Management (RFx Lifecycle)
  • Digital Contract Management (CLM Lifecycle )
  • Supplier On-boarding
  • RFx Evaluation & Scoring
  • Negotiation Intelligence
  • Supplier Management
  • Data & Analytics
  • Dashboard & Reporting

Digital Transformation:

  • Effective sourcing governance – based on the right approaches for individual organizations
  • Managing the 3rd Party Suppliers, IT Service Providers, Extended Partner’s, GICs and CSPs is becoming very critical considering the emerging risks in today’s multi geography, multi sourcing, multivendor environments for the buyer organization.
  • Monitoring Supply base Risks are very critical from Operational and Strategic aspects
  • The increase in numbers of strategic vendors | suppliers | partners and the trend towards multiple smaller deals and new technologies around RPA and Cognitive Automation arena underline the need for efficient sourcing & supplier governance structures

Who We Serve

RFx Procure + is a well-suited cloud based solution platform with GRC and Contract Management (CLM) capabilities for
  • Buyer (Customer)
  • Supplier (Service Provider)
  • Third Party Consultants in IT Sourcing (SVM) | Procurement | Supplier Governance advisory
  • GIC &GCC Business Advisory space.

RFx Procure: Digital RFx Management & Contract Management Platform

Functional Components & Key Features:

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Digital RFx Management

Supplier On boarding

RFx Evaluation & Scoring

Negotiation Intelligence

Supplier Category Management

Digital Contract Management & CLM

Digital Supplier Governance  & SRM

RFx Dashboard & Reporting

Analytics | Workflow | Document Management

Smart Sourcing

Real Time Sourcing Initiatives with RFx Procure Dashboards

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Digital Cloud Solutions & Transformation Services

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