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Contract Management Services

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Contract Management Services

Contract Management | CLM| CCMB

The outsourcing  market continues to grow with greater amount of commitment, involvement and focus from key stakeholders on both the client and service provider organization. Due to complex deals, managing multiple service providers, rising costs, vendor performance, economic slowdown, M&A, strategic transformation initiatives, new delivery models and business risk and governing the outsourcing are becoming challenging tasks.

Managing the Contract Performance, Sourcing Governance and Vendor Management are the core area of focus in order to achieve the cost savings,minimizing the business risk, value realization and business objectives. This is an area with greater degree of disappointment and unmet expectations and even 40-70% of the original business for outsourcing can be lost(Source: ISG)

Governance Services


The key issue in real world is that the executed contracts no longer reflect the requirements and priorities of the client.Vendors are obliged to meet the contractual needs rather than addressing the real business challenges. So,working closely with the extended partner/offshore/near shore/onsite service provider(s)/ Captives (GIC) and managing them on a day-to-day basis are very vital for today’ dynamically changing business challenges, priorities & sourcing requirements especially post contract awards.

Capability Driven Governance Transformation

With our extensive experience on both buy side and service side, we help our clients (buyer organization) to quickly form the appropriate strategy or advice or solutions to drive major improvements or expected outcomes in IT Sourcing,Sourcing Management and Governance, Supplier Relationship Management practice areas through our Managed Governance Services and our Supplier Governance Solution Suite (ACTIVAS G+). 

Energica leverages its consistent, proprietary methodologies (ACTIVAS G+, RADIANCE-G, NavigatorVT, Track & Trace), Process Frameworks, Compliance and Control measures, Effective Risk Management, multi-vendor governance solution through its Managed Governance Services and Unique service delivery model to help clients yield better value & results throughout the sourcing lifecycle.

Portfolio Rationalization

Energica’ ACTIVAS G+ Manage, track and report contract summary, revisions, contract changes, the underlying baseline deliverables, milestones and commercial management parameters, manage contract compliance and contract amendments. 

Manage, track and report contract summary, revisions, contract changes, the underlying baseline deliverables, milestones and commercial management parameters, manage contract compliance and contract amendments.

Collabaration with Startups & 3rd Party Service Providers

Obligation Tracking and Reporting module to ensure that the vendors are adhering to contractual obligations and the objectives of outsourcing are achieved as planned and to have a solid handle on:

> Contractual Obligations
> Compliance (policy non compliance)
> Performance measures
> Contract Governance
> Contract Deliverables
> Contract Milestones
> Contract Interpretations & Issues
> Escalated Issues & Disputes
> Risk management
> Commercial Contracts Management
> Track and Report Resolution of issue and risks

GRC:  Governance

Energica’s structured approach, address all the operational, relationship and governance issues efficiently across Contract & Sourcing Life-cycle. 

Energica offers services in the following arena (but not limited to:

  • RFx Management
  • Vendor Evaluation
  • Contract Management
  • Contract Compliance Audits
  • Supplier Risk Assessment
  • Supplier Governance
  • Vendor Consolidation
  • Negotiation
  • ACTIVAS G+ Solution Implementation
  • Back Office Procurement Support (VMO)

GRC:  Vulnerability

  • Effective sourcing governance – based on the right approaches for individual organizations
  • Managing the 3rd Party Suppliers, IT Service Providers, Extended Partner’s, GICs and CSPs is becoming very critical considering the emerging risks in today’s multi geography, multi sourcing, multivendor environments for the buyer organization.
  • Monitoring Supply base Risks are very critical from Operational and Strategic aspects

Contract Performance Management


  • Contractual Obligation Management
  • Contract Compliance Audits
  • Risk Management
  • Negotiation Intelligence
  • Spend Management
  • CCMB Change Management
  • Cost Management (Cost Savings , Avoidance)
  • FBL & Continual Improvements


Digital Transformation

Energica’ ACTIVAS G+ Supplier Governance comprises the following core functional components (CLM (D&O), VM &, GRC)

  • Contract Management (CLM Lifecycle )
  • Obligation Governor | Contractual Obligation Management (CCM)
  • Compliance Auditor | Vendor Contract Compliance Audits  (VCCA)
  • Spend Radar | IT Spend Visibility Management and Reporting (SMR)
  • Value Tracker | Value Management and Reporting  (VMR)
  • Surveyor | Client Satisfaction Management  (CSAT)
  • Contract Analyzer | Contract Evaluation and Analysis (CEA) 


Automation Enablers

Energica’ Patented Contract Management & Supplier Governance Solution

Energica has been granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for digital supplier governance in 2018. Energica’s new patent – U.S. Patent No. 9,965,735  is a core component of Energica’s  Supplier Governance Advisory services & solutions, which was launched in 2010.

Who We Serve

ACTIVAS G+ is a well-suited cloud based solution platform with GRC and Contract Management (CLM) capabilities for

  • Buyer (Customer)
  • Supplier (Service Provider)
  • Third Party Consultants in IT Sourcing (SVM) | Procurement | Supplier Governance advisory
  • GIC &GCC Business Advisory space.

The increase in numbers of strategic vendors | suppliers | partners and the trend towards multiple smaller deals and new technologies around RPA and Cognitive Automation arena underline the need for efficient sourcing & supplier governance structures

ACTIVAS G+ Digital Supplier Governance & Contract Management Platform

Functional Components & Key Features:

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Digital Contract Management & CLM

Contract Compliance Audit

Spend Visibility & Analytics

Contractual Obligation Management

Value Management Reporting

Supplier CSAT for Category Leads

Digital Supplier Governance

Negotiation Intelligence

Analytics | Workflow | Document Management

Ramesh Somasundaram

Global Head, Supplier Governance & Transformation Advisory

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