Energica Sustainability Strategy

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Energica is committed to being a leader and model of sustainability practices by doing business in a way that meets the needs of the present while contributing to an environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable future. This commitment is at the heart of how Energica operates and how it delivers solutions to its clients and is vital to its long-term success in achieving its vision.

Energica understands the social and ecological impact of our business and works towards being a responsible global organization by implementing the sustainable business practices as part of our company’s overall performance management and operating practices.

Energica’ Transformation Goals

At Energica Sustainable change comes not only from our deep experience in the field but also from tackling many of the issues with our client organization. This embedded in our fundamental principles of our organization strategy, operations and culture.

#SDG Strategic Levers


To achieve the goals we will continue to attain SDG into our operating models and governance, impact metrics, leadership alignment and support, and creating a strong case for change, by delivering value through working with our customers.

  • Healthcare (Good Health & Wellness) (3)
  • Education (Quality Education) (4)
  • BFSI (#8)
  • Industry Innovation and Infrastructure (9)
  • Green IT (Climate Change) (13)
  • Partnership for the Goals (17)

Energica Sustainability Strategy & Roadmap

At Energica, we developed a rolling 10 Year Sustainability Strategy which is endorsed by the Board of Directors at our annual strategic planning meeting. Our strategy is the transformation enabler which drives us towards achieving our Sustainability Vision, by converting our aspirations into actions.

Energica Sustainability Transformation Roadmap


The strategy builds on our Sustainability framework and is aligned with Energica’s overall strategic direction. It is also aligned with relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals, as part of Energica’s support as a responsible corporate citizen.

During our annual strategy review process, we analyze global existing and emerging sustainability trends, and identify potential risks and opportunities arising from such trends. We then review potential impacts, and risk management initiatives, which are incorporated into our Sustainability Strategy and plans.

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Who We Serve

We have an ambition to help our clients to cut down the carbon emissions in the coming years and helping them to embed as a part of their sustainable strategy.

  • Ensuring technology transformation in environment and sustainability services for a sustainable future

  • Helping our clients to implement sustainability strategy and SUSTAINR reporting platform

  • Leveraging data and insights to drive sustainable performance.

Energica Offers Climate Change & Environmental Sustainability Services for

  • Corporate Customers

  • Manufacturing & Production Industry

  • Poultry Industry

  • Engineering & Technology Institutes | Universities

  • CSR Organization focused on Empowering  Environmental Sustainability

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