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Global Risks & Solutions

The world is changing fast. Though essential, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep pace with changes arising as a result of global macroeconomic forces of development that impact business, society, culture and people that define our future.

While these forces entail a lot of risks, they also offer opportunities for innovation and for the betterment of everyone’s future. Some of these forces include worsening environment, scarcity of natural resources, rapid urbanisation with increasing migrant population, changing economic power and deteriorating human health.

Effective Governance >> Enhanced Risk management >>              New Business Opportunities

These risks offer an opportunity to find solutions around newer products, breakthrough technologies, policy changes and a change in mindset.

This provide us an opportunity to focuses on some of these pressing issues together with innovative ways to address them.

Sustainability Reporting is an organization’s opportunity to project their sustainability vision, strategy, activities, performance and future goals to their stake-holders.

Climate Change Advisory Services

Environmental Sustainability Services

Sustainability Reporting Solution

Climate Change Services

Driving Change

Energica works with customer organizations to address climate change challenges & issues by baselining the sustainable elements like energy, water, waste, Co2 emissions, etc… and helping them to drive the change by enabling baseline assessment and transformation roadmaps.
We help our clients to baseline and refine supply chains, product life cycles and internal operations by addressing diverse issues such as
  • Supplier engagement and extended producer strategy
  • Sourcing and procurement
  • Packaging
  • Closed loop recycling
  • Supply chain transparency and
  • Optimization strategies (operation process improvements, lifecycle analysis etc..)

Climate Change Services

Key Offerings:

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Energy Management & Optimization Roadmap

Water Footprint Assessment

Water Management & Optimization Road-map

Carbon Footprint Assessment

Renewable Energy Advisory

Sustainable Supply Chain Analysis

Product & Life Cycle Analysis

Responsible Sourcing | Procurement

Optimization Strategies

Environmental Sustainability Services

Environmental Sustainability >> SDG >> Sustainability Reporting

Environmental Sustainability Services:

ESG The Road Ahead

Energica works with customer organizations to address complex sustainability challenges and create long-term value by slating down or refining the strategic direction, designing corporate sustainability programs, and enhancing transparency and the robustness of public disclosures.

Combining business process transformation with advanced technology and our deep subject matter expertise to help clients operationalize sustainability – notably environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors – into their organizations to help drive continued improvement.

Environmental Sustainability Services:

Changing Expectations : Changing Corporate Reporting

We help clients develop Reports (based on GRI standards, UNGC principles, etc.) for organisation to communicate sustainability performance and gain global recognition on sustainability achievements.

Environmental Sustainability Services

Key Offerings:

SDG Awareness and Orientation

SDG Alignment & Prioritization

Sustainability Strategy Development

Sustainability Strategy & Implementation Roadmap

Sustainable Strategy & Initiatives

Sustainability Reporting : Data Management

Sustainability Reporting Services

Environmental Sustainability >> ESG >> Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability Reporting Solution for GRI & LEED

We help clients develop Reports (based on GRI standards, SDG Indicators, LEED Compliance etc.) for organisation to communicate sustainability performance and gain global recognition on sustainability achievements.

We assist organizations in applying the concept of integrated thinking to achieve strategic objectives and communicate corporate performance through integrated reporting. Integrated reporting requires the consideration of dependence and impact on a broader set of capitals beyond financial and manufactured capitals, to include natural, human, social and relationship, and intellectual capitals.

Energica’ Environmental Sustainability Reporting Solution | SUSTAINR

We assist our clients in increasing the credibility and reliability of sustainability disclosures by providing both internal and external assurance on sustainability reports, greenhouse gas (GHG) statements, and other forms of non-financial information.

Sustainability Reporting Services

Key Offerings:

Sustainability Solution Roadmap & Implementation

Sustainability Reporting Services for GRI

Sustainability Reporting Solution Implementation

Sustainability Reporting : Data Management

Sustainability Performance Improvement : Data & Insights

Sustainability Reporting Services for LEED (V3 & V4 ) Compliance

Who We Serve

Sustain R is a well-suited cloud based solution platform with Sustainability Reporting capabilities (LEED, SDG & GRI) for

  • Customers

  • Sustainability Consultants (LEED, GRI Implementation Consultants)

  • Third Party Consultants in  Environment Sustainability & Corporate Governance Reporting advisory (ESR | CSR)

  • Climate Change & Sustainability Business Advisory space.

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