What We do: Products, Solutions & Business Accelerators

Energica’ products and solutions are our most crucial knowledge assets, addressing the industry specific  challenges and helping the customer with a reliable industry-oriented IT solutions and product engineering solutions. We offer a wide range of products and solutions, including

  • AML Compliance and Risk Solution

  • Digital Contract Management (CLM) Solution

  • Digital Supplier Governance Solution

  • RFx Management

  • Invoice and T&E Management

  • Sustainability Reporting (LEED & GRI)

  • Legal Operations and Support


Energica Offers Digital Cloud Solutions for the global customers, service provider organizations and assist the clients to deal with opportunities and challenges covering BFSI, IT Sourcing & Procurement, Environmental Sustainability Practice areas:
  • AML Automated Alert Investigation Management Solution
  • Digital  Contract Management  Solution (CLM) 
  • Contract Analytics Platform
  • Supplier Governance | Vendor Management Solution
  • Negotiation Intelligence
  • Strategic Sourcing | RFx Management
  • Invoice and T&E Management
  • Sustainability Reporting
We support our clients with a team that has global experience in major industry sectors, including BFSI, Entertainment, Utilities (Energy, Water and Gas), Telecom, Education, Retail  and Healthcare.

Solutions  & Business Accelerators

As a strategy and transformation advisory company, we provide industry-specific solutions and solution accelerators with a focus on Service Innovation and assist the clients to deal with opportunities and challenges.
Our Platform based digital cloud service offerings and solutions with a focus on value driven transformation.
  • AML Automated Alert Investigation Platform
  • Digital Customer Onboarding (DI &F)
  • Capability Driven Transformation for Engineering & Technology Institutes | Universities
    • edX21C TRANSIFY
    • edX21C Innova
    • The Vault
  • Sustain R
  • AP Grove


AML Automated Alert Investigation Management System


Digital Procurement Management & Supplier Governance

RFx Procure

RFx Management

The Negotiator

Negotiation Intelligence

Sustain R

Sustainability Reporting (LEED | GRI | SDG)


Legal Operations Management & Support

edX21C Transify

edX21C Capability Assessment & Transformation

edX21C Innova

edX21C Innovation Business Accelerators

What We do: Services & Transformation Advisory


Energica’ offers Platform based consultative services & solutions covering:

  • Digital Procurement Transformation

  • Contract Management Services

  • Sourcing Management

  • Supplier Governance Services

  • Supplier Risk &  Compliance Management

  • Sustainability Reporting Services

  • Transformation & Innovation

  • Social Innovation

Procurement & Supplier Governance Services

Sourcing Strategy > Transformation  > Value Driven Governance

We provide advisory services for clients across IT Sourcing & Vendor Management (SVM) and Sourcing Governance Value Chain, and assist the clients to deal with opportunities and challenges:

  • Sourcing Advisory
  • Strategic Sourcing | RFx Management
  • Contract Management
  • IT Sourcing Management
  • Supplier Governance
  • Negotiation Intelligence
  • Supplier Consolidation
  • Risk & Compliance Services (AML Alert Investigation)

Transformation Advisory


Strategy > Transformation > Optimization > Innovation

We provide following strategy and transformation advisory services  focused on industry-specific services and guidance exclusively for India & overseas client organizations.

  • Capability Driven Transformation for Engineering & Technology Institutes | Universities
  • Capability Driven GIC | GCC Transformation Road maps
  • Climate Change & Environmental Sustainability Services
  • Energy Management | Water Management Optimization Road maps
  • Sustainability Reporting Services
  • IT & Business Transformation
  • Analytics & Automation
  • Innovation

Supplier Governance Services

Provides assistance the buyer organization in managing the supplier relationships (post contract sign-off), supplier performance evaluation, vendor negotiations, vendor consolidation, contract renewals and aligning the suppliers’ in-line with their sourcing strategies and Supplier Governance Solution Implementation

Strategic Sourcing & RFx Management

Identify, evaluate and qualify new suppliers. Streamline RFx-to-contract sign-off across RFx cycles and deliver optimal value whenever your procurement source for prodcuts or services

Contract Management Services

We believe good contract performance is a continual journey starting with the procurement strategy and flowing through to contract management. Our platform based solution with expert advise to review your procurement strategy, recommend improvements, and help you to deliver value driven contract performance management & supplier governance.

Negotiation Intelligence

Provides a complete review the performance of the contract, evaluating the supplier relationship against current contracts, issues, disputes and to make a smart deal in strategic way.

Compliance Audits | Supplier Risk Management (TPVRM)

Compliance Matters In today’s fast paced and tightly regulated business environment, it is imperative to have an audit process in place that allows you to know whether your suppliers and/or extended organizations are in compliance with the contracts that you have signed.

Transformation Advisory Services

We provide industry-specific transformation advisory services and guidance to various Industry clients.

GCC Transformation Road maps

Optimization & Service Innovation for GCC Transformation & Automation is inevitable for the various GCC (Global Capability Center) customer organizations across BFSI, Healthcare and Pharma industry verticals

Sustainability Reporting Services

A Platform based Governance Solution for your Environmental Sustainability Reporting (LEED| SDG | GRI)