Service Optimization & Innovation

Service Optimization

Service & Social Innovation

There is a growing need to assess, analyze and demonstrate what impact service innovation has on customer business  and to assist the client towards achieving, sustaining and succeeding the transformation for future competitiveness.

Service & Social Innovation

Service innovation plays an instrumental role in the transformation and upgrading of traditional IT services into more productive, competitive and high value-added business eco-systems. Service innovation comprises adaptive innovation in IT services, adding further value and contributing significantly to overall productivity and profitability.


Service Innovation Landscape

The following Thought Leadership articles | approach notes | reports were written by Energica team on key topics to assist the client in specific challenges or issues or problems.

Our Service innovation approach and outsider-in perspectives on specific issues or problems in sourcing, sourcing management, supplier relationship management, governance arena helps our clients to achieve the strategic objectives by developing, enhancing or refining or redefining their capabilities through the development  of  /or/ by leveraging Energica’ existing assets, frameworks, methodologies, solution accelerators, value delivery through adaptive innovation and continual improvements.

Vendor Consolidation

Re-Sourcing | Renewals | Restructuring

  • Supplier Governance : ReSourcing | Vendor Consolidation
  • Vendor Consolidation Approach & Methodology
  • Approach with Existing Supply Base – Consolidation
  • Approach with Existing Supply Base – Contract Renewals | Restructuring
  • Multisourcing Via – RFx Route
  • Setting the Stage for Supply Base Consolidation (M&A)
  • Vendor Consolidation Life Cycle & Phases

Exit Strategy

Captive DeRisking

  • Vendor to Captive (GIC | GCC| SSC) Transfer
  • Captive De-Risking (GIC | GCC) Transfers
  • M&A | Portfolio Disintegration
  • Transition Management
  • Repatriation Strategy
  • Reverse Transition
  • Vendor Consolidation
  • Risk Management
  • Cross Over Criteria (COC)


Application Portfolio Management | Rationalization

  • Sunsetting, Modernization & Transformation Road maps
  • Application Catalogue Management
  • Sustainable Cost Saving Initiatives
  • Technology Transformations
  • Cloud Transformation (Enablement, Transformation)

GCC : Capabilities & Coherence

Global Capability Centers (GCC)  :  Transformation

  • Captives (GIC) | SSC: Capabilities & Transformation Captives
  • Captives | GIC | SSC : Maturity Assessments
  • Captives | GIC | SSC : Strategic Transformation Road maps
  • Shared Services Assessment
  • Contact Center Assessment
  • GIC | SSC | Assessment
  • Captives: De-Risking | 3rd Party Service Transition Management

Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier Account Management Strategy

  • Vendor => Supplier => Partner Transformation
  • Vendor Management Roadmap from Sourcing Strategy > Sourcing Execution > Supplier Management
  • Supplier | Vendor Management Governance Model
  • Supplier Management Accountability Matrix
  • SRM – Supplier Relationship Score Card (RSC)
  • Category Management – Strategic Partners | Tactical Commodity Players | Niche Players
  • Multis Sourcing Supplier Integration Framework
  • Beyond SLAs & OLAs : Value Management Reporting

Supplier DNA (KYS)

Know Your Supplier

  • Supplier Governance – KYS
  • IT Vendor Evaluation (RFx | New | Renewals | Consolidation)
  • Vendor Maturity Assessment | Gap Analysis
  • SVM | VMO Strategy Establishment
  • SVM | VMO Design & Development of Operational Processes (SOP | OPD)
  • Vendor Account Management Strategy
  • Vendor Performance Management
  • Vendor Consolidation & Exit Strategy
  • Vendor Compliance Assessment | Audits
  • Issue Management: Issue-Dispute Resolution
  • Strategic Vendor Risk Assessment

Risk Radar

3rd Party Supplier Risk Assessment

  • Vendor Profiling – Know Your Supplier (KYS)
  • Vendor Risk Assessment Matrix | Risk Management Approach
  • Approach on 3rd Party Vendor Relationship Risk Management
  • Vendor Risk Assessment Services
  • Event Driven Audit Engagements
  • Vendor Contract Compliance Audits
  • IT Security Audits
  • GIC  | GCC | SSC Reviews
  • Exit Strategy Assessment
  • Vendor Risk Management & Stratification
  • Continual Improvements

Compliance Audits

Vendor Contract Compliance Audits

  • Contract Creation (MSA,SoW, Service Agreements, Amendments etc)
  • Contract Diagnostic Services | Contract Facilitation | RFx | Rfx Reviews
  • Contract Governance & Admin Services
  • Contract Management Framework Establishment | Process Assessment & Improvisation
  • Contract Negotiation | Renewal | Re-Negotiation Support
  • Contract Renewals | End Of Term Strategies & Support
  • Contract Evaluation Analysis | 3rd Party Reviews
  • Vendor Contract Compliance Audits (Compliance, Performance, Cost Recovery & Risks)
  • Contract Effectiveness Evaluation (CEA)
  • Contractual Obligation Management & Reporting
  • Contract Performance Management

Contractual Obligation Management

Deliverables & Obligation Management Reporting

  • Contractual Obligation Management
  • Contract Change Management CCMB)
  • Obligation Treaciability Matrix
  • Finance & Commercial Management
  • Issue- Risk Management
  • Contract Compliance
  • Feed Back Loop (FBL)
  • Continual Improvements

Spend Management Reporting

Spend Visibility Management

  • Finance Management | Supplier Commercial Management
  • Invoice Management | Invoice Diagnostics
  • Supplier Spend Visibility Management & Reporting
  • Sustainable Cost Savings & Initiatives

Ring Fencing:

Compliance Matters

  • Regulatory Compliance: Banking Financial Services (BFSI)
  • AML Compliance & Risk Solutions
  • 3rd Party Risk Management Life-cycle
  • Structural Reforms in USA, UK and European Banking & Financial Industries
  • Operational Risks
  • Data & Regulatory Reporting (GDPR)
  • Risk & Compliance Management (AML Alert Investigation Management)
  • Financial & Regulatory Compliance Assessment (AML Risk & Compliance)
  • Vendor Risk Management & Stratification
  • Continual Improvements

Service Innovation

Service Optimization

  • Performance Management
  • Continual Improvements | Compliance Improvements
  • Renewing IT Efficiency
  • Service Optimization
  • Value Management & Reporting
  • Sustainable Cost Savings & Initiatives
  • Product | Service Innovation
  • Innovating for Growth | Digital Transformation
  • Process Innovation & Optimization
  • Data as an Asset
  • Data Driven Innovation

Service Innovation 

Key Process Areas & Transformation Enablers

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Operational Excellence

Process Innovation

Process Fragmentation

Embracing the Cloud


Information Extraction

Industry 4.0

Circular Economy

Cognitive Automation

Digital Life

Service Delivery Optimization

Data Driven Organization

How Energica Can help ?

CIOs have to spend effort in a continual manner on building, refining, enhancing strengthening their retained organization across Procurement/Sourcing/SVM to ensure business and IT alignment, optimize the IT services, focus on service innovation and optimizing their relationships with their extended enterprise or service providers.

Energica’ Solution Accelerators

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